Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I can see clearly now...

Well, I've been trying to not bitch and whine as much on here, but the happy little rainbows and sunshine stuff is a: harder to come by, b: a bit dull to read, and c: no where NEAR as much fun as the "oh my God my children are heathens" posts are. Like this one will be.

Picture it: hot Midwestern day (yesterday). The sky is thickening with yet another summer storm. The kids and I haven't left the house since Sunday and we were happy to be out of it, even if it meant going to the optometrist to fix both pairs of Justin's glasses (I swear, one pair looks like a dog chewed on the lens. Only, we don't have a dog...).

We walk in, the 4 of us, and I tell the receptionist my little problem. You see, Patrick just changed jobs and we don't have our insurance cards yet, but I have this lovely book from the group that says we DO have eye coverage... but it doesn't have any group numbers or such, persay... So. Problem #1. Lady is nice, says she'll make some calls, please fill this out, yadda yadda yadda. Justin sits down and starts playing with the action figures I brought. So does Evan. Corinne decided that running and yelling "Ap a dee doo AAAHHH!" (recognize the lovely Disney song?) at the top of her lungs would be fun and entertaining for the waiting room. I tried, Lord I tried to calm her down, to wrangle her to the floor. I put her in the sling even, which she popped herself out of and screamed like I was breaking her legs. So I then used the sling as a leash (ever done it? It does work. Just tighten it up under their armpits and use the tail as a handle). Well, this would have worked, if only she didn't decide that it was great fun to run as fast as she could until the sling made her fall over, narrowly missing other people and sharp corners.

If that wasn't bad enough (at least she was cute), Evan decided that he needed a turn holding his sister. And he made it known to the entire office (building, even) that he had a mean mommy who didn't give him turns. And that I was RUINING his day. And he whined. And he whined. And I threatened. And I stayed practically calm (thank you, thank you).

So. Keep those 2 scenarios running in your head for 43 minutes. Ahhh... Sounds refreshing, doesn't it?

I rescheduled the appointment... Justin was thrilled to get out of wearing glasses for another 2 weeks. And I MUST find a sitter by then.
My BFF from high school is back in town today and I am so happy! SO happy, in fact, that I will even pick up the house a bit. But don't go getting all excited about it, I mean, I'm talking about putting the random pieces of tupperware that are all over the house back in the tupperware cabinet (and by "put" I mean "shove until the door won't stay shut"), and making sure the bedroom doors are shut. I might even wash the bathroom again. 2 times in 2 weeks!!!

Hope your day is as gorgeous as mine is looking to be!
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