Saturday, July 07, 2007

Again with the no title?? Anyone know why I can't click on the title line???
So! Big day today! We rearranged the rooms!! YAY!

Our family room couch was shot. Literally, it was kaput. (Never buy a recliner sofa, IMO. They are HEAVY and hard to move. They then need to be taken apart with every move, therein compromising the integrity of the sofa, which causes it to fall apart.) We had been looking for new furniture for a few months, but could find nothing that was:

1. good quality, but not TOO nice (we do have 3 kids, after all)

2. not so expensive that we had to go into debt for it.

3. not hideous.

4. not pillow back (too much work to keep looking arranged)

5. not that soft, squishy material that you have to brush to make the fibers go the same way (which is what most of the styles we liked seemed to be made with.)

and on and on...

SO. We just never bought one, and just told people to please not sit on the first cushion of the couch, cuz you will fall down an extra foot and a half to hit the wood. Sounds comfy, doesn't it?

I had the BRILLiant idea last night to take the semi nice couch (4 years old) from the living room, put it in the family room, bring the love seat from the family room (still in surprisingly good condition in comparison to the matching couch) and put it in the living room, and put the broken couch on the curb with a sign that said "TAKE ME!" Which we did.

But FIRST, before doing all of this, we had to vacuum. BIG. Time. Remember how I said Kirby's suck? And how ours died? Yeah. Well, Patrick bought a new vacuum today! Yay! He got the floor model of a nice Eureka or something. I didn't care. Just SOMEthing to get the food off of the floor (besides my hands). I vacuumed the family room. Ahhhh... so nice. Listening to that crackly sound of the crap flowing up up and away...

Then, I went to vacuum the living room. Hmm. It didn't work. I had a thought "Oh crap."

"Honeeey?? I think I may have made a mistake on the Kirby.... I think it's our outlets.. "

Which it was. He flipped the circuit breaker for me, and, like MAGIC, it worked!

So, we now have 2 vacuums! But our Kirby is going upstairs, because the suction is still for crap, and I hate it. But maybe I'll clean the bedrooms more, now?

(insert maniacal laughter here)
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