Thursday, June 28, 2007

Packing again.

Head pounding. Nose running. Children squealing with delight that goes RIGHT THROUGH my head.

Not so sure about the camping trip tomorrow. But everyone's looking so forward to it. I'm sure we'll GO, just not sure how much fun I'll have. :( Woe is me.

At least the weather is supposed to be better than last year's.

I must be insane.

On brighter news, Justin is (temporarily?) off the Strattera until we can get him into see a neurologist. My mil (psychologist) got the full benefit of seeing Justin at his worst last week. She is doing some searching and research to find someone to see him asap. Helps to have connections, you know? So, crossing our fingers that SOMEthing will make a difference soon.

I'm off to pick up crumbs off of the floor as the vacuum decided to quit on me. Nice. Kirby's suck. (but not literally)

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