Friday, June 29, 2007

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole bunch of pics.

Well, we are packed up and ready to go. We'll meet Patrick at the campgrounds after work but my sister and her family are already there. Still congested, so please wish me luck!
Interjecting that with the 7,436 toys we have in the house, Corinne has decided that an empty cat litter container is a great toy. She sits on it, carries it around and just a second ago was beating Justin with it. Sweetheart.
Seeing as how I ALWAYS procrastinate to develop pictures (can I make aNOTHER resolution to remedy that? I won't anymore. I promise.) I have pictures from before Easter that I just got back.
Ready to be inundated? Well, maybe not fully saturated as I don't have time to be uploading a crapload of pics. Maybe just as many as I can upload before I finish my coffee...

Shooting bad guys from behind the baby slide....

First day at our pool this summer!

Cooling their butts off in the hose.

Does she not know that she's only a baby? That rock climbing can wait a few years??? Notice her very sandy butt. Love sandy kid pics.

My Bear scout. Sigh.... He's one of those older kids now, isn't he? One of those kids that the parents, new to scouting, looked at and thought "He's so old!" Cuz I did it. About 3 years ago...

Finger painting Mother's Day cards.

I just love this outfit!

Mother's Day with the brood.

Mother's Day with MY mom.

Too cool for baby gym. I personally love the beaded necklace in contrast to her bling bling pacifier. Way to jazz up your accessories, baby!

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