Monday, July 02, 2007

Good morning!

I had tons of ideas for blog entries while driving the 3 hour drive with all the kids by myself on Friday afternoon, and also on the return trip when Patrick was driving the boys and I was driving a sleeping baby.

Topics such as:

Hey, if my kid hurts your kid and she apologizes with a hug and I apologize profusely and you don't even acknowledge our attempts, it's kinda rude, ya know?

If I'm talking to you and someone else walks up and you start speaking Spanish to them, even though you BOTH speak English and I speak about 18 words of Spanish (none of which came up in your little conversation), it's kinda rude. I equate it to stopping a conversation with me to suddenly lean over and start having a long, whispered conversation with someone else. Mouths covered, giggling so that no one else can know what you're talking about. Not nice. Stop it, please.

When going to the beach at the lake, do not inspect the sand too closely. Just admire those lovely geese off in the distance and delude yourself into thinking they poop on some other shore.

You know what? We had a really good time camping. My headache went away, but I do have a horrific cough that is probably bronchitis. Either that, or I've been smoking in my sleep for the past 30 years... The babies were ADORABLE together. Best buddies. If one had a babydoll, the other one would too. They would share pacifiers and cups and food. (mostly willingly) They called to each other in the morning through the tent walls! The weather was PERFECT. About 80 and mostly sunny, with a cool breeze. We were able to snuggle with sweatshirts around a campfire, making s'mores and telling jokes at night and wake up with chilly noses that warmed up in a few hours time. Loved it!

But I'm coughing up a lung here, and have 5 more loads of laundry to do, so I have to go. Oh, and we need to set up the tent today and fumigate it cuz I put the tent over an anthill, apparently. Oops.
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