Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yes, I rock.

In fact, I amaze myself sometimes.
First floor vacuumed.
Kitchen floor washed.
Dishes done.
2 loads of laundry done.
2 baskets put away.
Bathroom cleaned.
Coffee date with other moms.
Children taken to and picked up from school ON TIME.
Baked cookies that DIDN'T BURN with children (and incorporated math, too).
Didn't lose temper more than 5 times.
Dinner is cooked by 5:00.

Well, don't get too turned off by my perfect appearance. You see, in order to accomplish all of this?
Evan was ignored (on computer) while I put away laundry.
Corinne had to get changed after the coffee date as she sat in a mud puddle in the parking lot.
I ate 5 cookies already (they're still warm!).
The dinner is Tuna helper. I am the only one who likes tuna helper...
And the main reason I was on a cleaning binge? The house was stinky. The smell? Coming from the mop that had been left in the kitchen since the last time I washed the floor. Ummm... I don't know when that was. I probably blogged it, as it's a rare occurrence... I finally figured it out as I was finishing cleaning. I probably would have stopped sooner had I discovered it earlier!

I think that my mind thinks of the most brilliant things while I am driving. The solitude? The chance to think an entire thought without interruption? Probably.
The problem? I forget most of them before I can write them all down.

Oh! I remember one thing I noticed on the way home: 2 construction workers giving each other a hug hello. Yeah. Not something you see every day. Not that there's anything WRONG with that... :) (Yes. I liked Seinfeld.)


Anonymous said...

I always come up with amazing posts in the shower, and then when i get around to actually writing them they suck. Oh well. Wow, girl that's a lot of cleaning!!! And I've totally done that with the mop!! ha!

Jen said...

TOOOOoooo awesome.....all of it, the whole blog real!!! It could be me!!

Mike said...

Yup, you rock. I can do all that in your list. But I have to do that in one month's time.



Miss Hope said...

Yeah, life seems way more entertaining and stuff. Then I sit down to write about and wonder where all the funny went? Now I'm gonna go bake some cookies and put the mop away.

Dedee said...

Bask in what you did right!! That's awesome. (I bet the cookies were good)

Michelle said...

hey anytime you can mark things off your list like that is a good day!

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