Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy Happy JOY JOY!!

I had such a great time last night! Went to the clothing sale's pre-sale for the workers (I have to leave to go there in 2 minutes) and I shopped like a mad woman!!!!

Got tons of chapter books for Justin for less than a dollar a piece, books for Evan, a big truck thing they had wanted for $5, odds and ends for pennies and a whole NEW WARDROBE for Corinne for the summer!!!! :) :) I am sooooo happy!!! Nothing makes me happier than buying tons of girly stuff!! Well, actually it was fun to shop for the boys at the sale when they were little too, but now? Eh. Big boy stuff is a bit depressing and icky. All browns, and blacks and blues, camouflages (insert throwing up) and strange ninja-like pictures on the shirts. No thanks. I'll be in the baby stuff with ruffles and bunnies and happy little prints!

I will probably look for some stuff today for them at the half price sale but that's only because there will be a lot less to have to look through.

Afterwards, my sisters and I went to Red Robin (which I followed my little sister and she got us LOST. In an area that we have grown up in. And I FOLLOWED her, thinking maybe she knew a short cut...) We had a GREAT TIME. The burgers there are sooooo good. I had a Banzai burger with teriyaki sauce and grilled pineapple... Mmmm..... And a banana shake that rocks.... Mmmm.... But the people behind us there? With the excessive PDA? Yeah. Not so appetizing. We were crying from laughing so hard and had a hard time getting back on track. But they were literally IN each other's laps and mouths. Ewww... And they were SO not young teenagers.

Ok. I'm OFF!! Had to do my happy dance!
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