Thursday, March 08, 2007

Just another Thursday

Ahhhhh.... fresh air! We took a nice long walk around the block today, after school. Justin rode his scooter, and Corinne and Evan rode in the wagon. I wasn't sure if she'd sit down the whole time, but after being told "no" once, she sat down and enjoyed the ride (you can imagine my shock!)

Had a lovely discussion with Justin's teacher today. Justin had been lying about his days to me and not bringing home his report sheet that he gets every day. Yeahhh... fun. But have I mentioned how awesome his teacher is this year? I truly am grateful for this man. He's kind, calm, and understanding. He really gets the kids. THANK GOD, cuz Justin is a piece of work.

Went to a playgroup today with my mom's group. Sigh.... I wish I didn't feel so envious of the other women with their gargantuan homes. I have a very lovely home, myself. It's just fine. Nothing wrong with it, and in fact, it's really nice. But it's not a massive house with all new appliances and decorated to the hilt and on and on... You know? It can be hard to squish the envy, sometimes. I had to remind myself that I could have very easily had a house like that: if I had never quit my job, and only had 1 child... Not a very good tradeoff, in my opinion. So, I will be content. And really, I would rather we traveled with any superfluous money than buy a humongous house that I'd have to keep clean!!


Ok, I just had to add this link to PB&J Boats' recording of her son. Keep in mind that they are NOT BRITISH. This child had me rolling on my side!
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