Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Owie Owie Owie!!

Insert me whimpering right here... My head is THROBBING. right behind my eyes... I can't swallow pills, so I have to go scrounge around looking for my liquid Tylenol. (No, I have never swallowed a pill and NO I will NOT crush one up and take it with applesauce or ice cream. Cuz then I'd have a headache AND be throwing up!)

Have I mentioned that my all-time favorite clothing sale is THIS WEEKEND?!?!? EEEEEEiiiieeeeeee!!!!! I get seriously pumped thinking about it. Truly, it's the only time I get to actually shop for my kids. And I don't mean just a new shirt or shorts or shoes. No. I mean wardrobes!! New wardrobes and they are all practically new and cost practically NOTHING! :) I've got a big list this year, but it's mostly going to be about Corinne. She has no hand me downs from the boys (or almost nothing) so I have given myself liberty to go bananas. (I'm ignoring the fact that my neighbor gave us a bunch of summer clothes and my sister is still passing down her clothes... A girl NEEDS her own things, right?)

It's kind of weird to have more than 10 or so commenters on my posts! Good? Bad? Not sure... I have always been able to comment on everyone else's blogs, in addition to the people that I read and comment on but don't get comments back from (you're all forgiven). Now, I feel really bad if I don't get to comment with a truly meaningful response or even a response at all. I'm thinking that I'll just have to come to terms with it and also that most of my commenters are from the party. And while I will probably get new people who like me, you REALLY LIKE Me, I won't have to worry about quite as many people in a week or so. But who knows? I mean, I AM quite witty and charming. My life is fascinating, I know! I guess I'll just have to wait and see...

Ok. That's about as long as my brain can handle being online. owwwww.... Later Gators.

Ok. Edited to add that apparently a glass of coffee is all that my head needed. This is not reassuring, but I feel a little better.
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