Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Ok, this is seriously not funny. It was frigid yesterday (something like 20 or 30 BELOW zero with the windchill) and today, it's snowing. No. Not just snowing... it's close to a friggin blizzard out!! I do NOT want to go anywhere and I have to get Justin's prescription from Walgreens today. Though... Patrick could get it on his way home... I am NOT dragging 2 or 3 kids out in this. Nope. At least it's warmer today... about 30 or so ABOVE I believe. (fanning myself over here...)

The baby is biting my toe and then whining "Muuuukkkkk!!!" (Milk) so I guess I'd better feed my children.

Dude. I have nothing better to talk about but the weather. I swear, I'll think of something tomorrow. SWEAR.
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