Friday, December 08, 2006


Just a downer day. I've got my Mother-In-Law helping me figure out who I need to talk to regarding Justin's problems. She is a college psychology professor, so I asked her for help. She is pretty much saying that taking the word of a regular MD isn't the best idea (I was wondering, but hoping...) Sigh... which means looking into finding a child psychologist. Which means calling doctors and insurance agencies and talking about deductibles and fees and on and on.... I hate insurance companies. Let me restate that: I think that insurance companies are awful. They may have a few people working in them that really want to help you, but I've yet to meet one of them. I dread the whole "you owe, we don't owe" fight that is sure to come.

And Evan is having a major volume control problem today. Maximum is the only level he seems to know. Oh, and pushing and messing with his sister. Lots of fun.

I love the whines she is emitting today. Constant, high-frequency, verge of screaming all the time. Oh. There she goes. Crying as I type. See how quickly I'm off to see what the problem is? She's just mad about God knows what now... WHEN will those teeth come in?!? And now she's happy again. I can hear her giggling. Grrrrr..... And now she's whining. SEE?!?!?! See why I'm slowly losing my mind?

I've been out of coffee for 2 days now. I went to the store with $21 and had to buy diapers, milk, fruit and bread. No money left for coffee... Not that I didn't consider putting those oranges back, but I figured a "good Mom" wouldn't do that. So I am now in a realllllly pissy mood. I need some caffeine, I need a full night's sleep, and I need for my kids to be "good" for a week. Just one week. One week of me knowing what to do for them without feeling overwhelmed by everything. One week of no petty fighting. One week of everyone helping each other. No raging blow-ups. No notes from school. No back-talking. Aahhhh... Wouldn't that be nice...

Maybe my hormones are out of wack too? No caffeine and hormone fluctuation, not a good combination. The holidays are approaching and, as much as I enjoy them, they bring a lot of stress and grief.

She's crying again. And now she's making her way to the baby gate to tell me about it. Gotta go.

(insert me whining myself here...)
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