Monday, December 11, 2006

:) Happier times.... I am POSITIVE that my better mood right now has NOTHING to do with the fact that I just ate half of a jar of Maraschino cherries. Right? No sugar high here.

We went to the library after going to his piano lesson tonight. We checked out 18 books! HEAVY. And Justin sat down and read for over an hour and a half! He amazes me. He absolutely loves to read! (Which is strange for a child with ADHD, right? ) And he asks some of the best questions! It's nights and days like this that I truly love being his mom. And I have to document this feeling for those days that I feel like walking out that door! (only a little kidding there...)

Onward with happiness and joy!!

2 weeks till Christmas!! The boys are getting excited! I am ready for the break in routine and their excitement at opening their presents.

I'm trying to explain and discuss in further detail with the boys more about Christianity. Does anyone know a bible that is actually written in modern-day English for children? I think that Justin would actually enjoy it, as it has all the elements of a wonderful epic, and the draw of history would be the clincher for him. But the version I was reading through the other night (Patrick's old children's bible from LONG ago) is essentially the old English with less words. Not so great. I'm looking for something that emphasizes the stories of the bible without the push of any one religion. I just want them to have the elements of Christianity available to them, so that they can make their own minds up as they grow. I'm telling you, for a little kid, Justin is really brilliant. He and I had the most wonderful discussion about spirits/souls and what a soul is. (I love using the whole balloon analogy: God breathes in, blows his breath into a "balloon" and makes a new person. Sometimes those balloons pop early, sometimes they last a long long time, sometimes they get lost, etc. But the breath that God blew into them will someday be released back into the air. It will become part of the universe again. Perhaps it will be blown into another balloon someday, perhaps several. But it's always around, always part of everything. We can't see it, but we can feel it and sense it.) Now, he has his own takes on this idea and they were just thrilling for me to hear. I love that he is making up his own mind and perusing the possibilities. But I would still like for him (and Evan and Corinne) to have a Christian background to bounce around in their heads.

SO. Any takers? Any one have any ideas? It doesn't even have to be a "Bible" but a retelling of important facts/ tales from the bible would be fine, too. Just not anything too babyish or complicated.

Happy thoughts for me lately? Knowing that I am blessed with health for me and my family. Knowing that we have food to eat, today and tomorrow! Knowing that I have many that love me and that I love. Truly, what else is there?
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