Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Please don't take my sunshine away...

Who would have thought that such a sweet song could make my son cry? Evan was soooo sad when I sang him that song (at his request). He asked what that line meant and I told him that it meant I would miss him when he grew up and moved away, or something like that. Oh man. WRONG answer.
"I don't want to grow!I want to be your little boy and live here forever!"

"OK!! You can live here forever. You'll always have a home with Mommy and Daddy, ok?"

I felt so bad. Poor baby. And this was after a rough night of punishments for him, resulting in him going to bed early. Sigh.

I hadn't really planned on letting my kids live with us forever... Hmmm. I wonder what Patrick will think about this plan? Oh, and how he'll feel when Evan kicks HIM out so he can marry Mommy...
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