Thursday, December 14, 2006

11 days till Christmas!!

Random thoughts:

I am sitting here looking at a "contract" that Justin and I signed together. Roughly, it states that he will not throw a fit on Saturday when we ride in the limo to Chicago for a holiday symphony with my in-laws. I say this because Evan will be riding in the bottom half of Justin's booster seat. Justin, being almost 8, doesn't technically require a booster anymore. But Justin, being high-maintenance, doesn't like changes... So. I agreed to exchange 2 hours of X-Box time for his good behavior on Saturday. Go ahead. Bad Mom. I don't care! I know my son. I know the levels of mortification that would happen on Saturday if he didn't get his way and wasn't happy about something as crucial as this. He would positively melt down and scream for 2-3 hours. (Seriously) And it's not worth it. It's NOT. My aunt-in-law bought these tickets for all of us to go have fun together and especially since Justin is so musically talented.

I just dropped the boys off at karate at the clubhouse! I love clubhouse living. Rockin. The pool, the work-out area (still trying to get there, but it WILL happen next week when Patrick isn't working nights), the neighborhood parties and functions. Awesome. In fact, as I was walking out, I had to ask the clubhouse director if it was technically ok for me to leave. (There is a playroom by the activity room for Corinne to play in, but I reallllly didn't want to stay!) No prob, says the director, who just happens to be dressed as Santa. And then he asked if Corinne wanted her picture taken. Which she did, as long as I was holding her, which I did. Surprisingly, my really bad hair day didn't show up in the slightly fuzzy Polaroid. Her first Santa shot. Cool.

Corinne is sitting on the floor by the computer desk flipping through a paperback book of mine. A favorite activity of hers. Flip, flip, flip. She was quite upset when I banned her from her other favorite activity which is turn the computer off and on and off and on (while Mommy is on it). How much damage can I expect from that?

Justin is still having issues. No need to comment too much on that today. At least no blood has been shed. Yay for small miracles!

Evan was a neglected child today as Corinne napped all afternoon (teething) and I did about 7 loads of laundry. Bleccch. He is happy as a clam to be karate chopping right now.

Corinne is a crack up when I'm blog browsing. She especially likes Michelle's daughter, Kayla's pictures. And BOY does she get P.O.d when I scroll down to read when Michelle might have actually typed!

I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner again. And I can't believe that, yet again, we don't have a sitter lined up for New Year's yet. Grrrr. Every year, my sister and brother-in-law throw a really fun party, and every year we have to scramble at the last minute to get a sitter. I have to convince my mom that she really wants her grandkids to hang out with them for New Year's... Or else we can't go! That would truly be a tragedy! A tradition thrown to the wind...
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