Thursday, November 09, 2006

You can all rest easier, now...

Call off the troops!! The search party can rest as the missing family member is FOUND.

I repeat: Pandy Bear is no longer MISSING!!!! He apparently decided it would be fun to rough it outdoors in the Illinois November rain for a week while sitting on our patio chair. When we went outside today to clean the patio off and enjoy the 70 degree weather (WOW), there he was. Mocking me with his grimy ear and floppy neck. Somewhat wet and worse for the wear, but not too much of a difference than before. I think that I was happier than Evan, but he did squeal and jump around and hug and kiss Pandy over and over. I then threw him into the gentle cycle to get any freeloading bugs that might have crawled into his fur (to eat the dried-on syrup, undoubtedly). And Evan is happily sleeping in his own bed tonight, without any arguments.

(imagine me doing the happy dance and smiling from ear to ear here)


We are hoping to get outside again tomorrow. It won't be nearly as nice as today, but still better than normal Illinois Nov weather. Our new neighbors might come over to play (YAY!! Another stay at home mom!! With kids my ages! And she's nice! PLEASE be my FRIEND!!!!). She has been very generous and has given me a few bags of her daughter's clothing that she outgrew this summer! Yay! I love free clothes. And they are so cute! And in great shape, too. Which makes me wonder: when passing on clothing to me, do other people only pass on their "nice" stuff and get rid of the play clothes and stained stuff, or are my kids just really hard on clothes? Or am I just an awful laundress who can't get clothes clean? Hmmmm... Do I care too much? No. FREE CLOTHES!
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