Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How do you title these things, anyway?

Evan was so sad today...

"Mommy, why don't I have the Christmas spirit? I just don't have it yet. I can't get it. I NEVER will!"
I mentioned that it was still a LONG ways (51 days. Who's counting?) till Christmas and that it was ok, but he just looked so forlorn. I then tried to "tickle" the spirit into him today as we walked under some Christmas decorations at the mall. Nope. Nothin doin.

Just a moment ago, he ran into the computer room with a HUGE grin on his face and said,

"Mommy!! I got the Christmas spirit!! I got it! Know how?"

He then started to sing "Santa Claus is comin to town." Apparently, that is all it takes to get the Christmas spirit. But he was just SO happy. Whatever dude. Weird kid.


I am committing myself to being a better co-leader for Justin's Wolf Scout den. I called his leader and we set up some stuff to get their achievements done and to get them excited over the badges and community work, etc. She's a great lady and just needs some help! All of the parents are expecting her to just "know" what to do. Well, it's a lot of work. So, I am GOING to be helpful. Justin was so excited to know that I have completed my leader training (fun) and that I am a leader now. He thinks I should get a leader's shirt. Um. No. Have you SEEN them? Take a gander. Ick. And expensive! So many badges and what-not to buy and put on. I think I'll buy the cheapo field t-shirt and leave it at that for now.

It's been beautiful weather lately. We have a playgroup tomorrow morning and the kids have Thursday and Friday off of school for Teacher's Institute days. Hope the weather holds and we can get some hiking in or something!

I'm out of stuff to thrill you all with and Blogger won't let me upload a cute pic, so I'll go now!

Ooh! I can see the pic! I rock. The boys and Patrick at a zoo. Evan's howling like a wolf...
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