Saturday, November 04, 2006

second grade jokes

How typical is this?

(on the car ride home from school)
Me - Hey Justin! What'd you do in school today?
Justin - Um... I forgot. (we haven't pulled out of the parking lot yet)

(later, on the ride home from Cub Scouts)
Justin - Hey Mommy! What's your name?
Me - Uh, Tracey.
Justin - Hey Mommy! What color is the sky?
Me - Uh, blue. (man, is my kid losing brain cells or what?)
Justin - Hey Mommy! Which way am I pointing?
Me - Up.
Justin -HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Tracey Blew Up!!! Tracey Blew UP!!!!
Me - grooaaaannnn.....

Why is it that he can remember dozens of jokes from the lunch room but not to bring home his assignment notebeook?

I'll post some more of his rib-cracking jokes later. Gotta keep you in suspense....

I finally updated with more jokes! See here!!
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