Monday, November 20, 2006

A quick $200

Whew! I just shopped BIG time!! The boys are done, and I think I went a little overboard this year.... But I actually don't go overboard, normally, so I'm forgiving myself. Plus, I got a lot of their stuff really cheap. I still want to find a kitchen set for Corinne that won't be as much as an ACTUAL appliance costs, but all the ones that aren't cheapy cheap are about 60-100 bucks! Choke!! I might fork it over, though. Especially seeing as how 4 of her presents are $1.00 from a toy resale!! (patting myself on the back...)

As I was at the final store, I got a call from Patrick asking when I was coming home cuz the kids were all up and he was tired.... sigh. I love him, but man o man, he can have a hard time getting those kids to sleep. Corinne, I understand. She was being difficult. She wanted to nurse. But the boys? They were just taking advantage of him. And he was tired enough to let it happen!

I also finally bought 2 gates to block off our front living room where our Christmas tree will be. I have NO doubts that Corinne will be verrrry interested in it this year. And I do not intend on pulling a Douglas Fir off of my 1 year old. No thank you! So, I did some rearranging in our somewhat small living room this week, to make room for the tree. Last year it was soooo tight in here! We have the computer desk, a roll-top desk (scrapbooking), piano, couch, a couple of end tables and bookshelves. A lot of furniture for a long rectangle. After moving the computer desk (by myself, thank you.) and the roll-top and piano (with Patrick!) we suddenly have a much cooler computer/office space in our "dining" room and a big open section for the tree!

I am so excited about Thanksgiving! My family (2 sisters, Mom, Dad and all respective husbands and children) are going to get together and try to get a big group photo done. We're all wearing nice clothes in matching colors (we're black and gray, Vicky is red, Jill is blue, Mom and Dad are green. We're gray and black only because those are the only colors that all 5 of us have!).I hope it works out! We haven't had a big family photo in years and years! Actually, not since my younger sister's wedding 3 1/2 years ago! Wow. Lots of kids since then.

The day after Thanksgiving the sisters and my mom are going to have our annual cookie baking day. I love it! It's the only day all year that we spend the entire day together. No husbands, no kids. Just laughter, cookies, messes, and more laughs. Last year, I had a new baby and Vicky was very pregnant. The year before I had just had a major operation so I was in serious pain with every laugh. So I am really looking forward to having a good time!

Rambling... My hands are like ICICLES and my bed is inhabited by the boys and Patrick. Sigh. I guess I have to go fight for some covers. Nighty night.
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