Friday, September 01, 2006

WHERE was my camera??

One of those days where you just can't believe what some people do...

I'm in the loop to drop off Justin this morning (yeah, we live 5 blocks from school, but I got 4 hours of sleep and no shower. You wanna make somethin of it?). Ahead of me, a woman who doesn't know the drill (remember "Mr. Mom" with the whole "South to drop off, North to pick up!" fiasco?) and the whole line is being totally held up.
I'm already pre-judging this woman as she's driving incorrectly, in a HUGE Ford 4x4 truck with double wheels in the back (we live in UBER suburbia. Why such a large truck?) and has at least 4 or 5 kid's heads poking up in the windows that are NOT buckled in (mega super ultra peeve of mine).

Well. She pulls up, opens her door (again, a no-no) to let her kids out and she's wearing a string bikini top with skin tight yoga pants. I kid you not. Now, she looked okay, but even if she was rockin hot, school drop off isn't the place to be flaunting your goods, you know? Especially first thing in the morning before I've had a full cup of coffee.

So. I've ranted. I'm off to reheat my coffee and clean my house cuz it's a mess.

OH! Before I go. The school open house was awesome last night. Justin's teacher is verrrrry laid back, funny and seems to be a good match for my high-maintenance kid. And he's cool enough to bring in his own poetry books from his childhood. So sweet and I was just cracking up. Cross your fingers that this year goes well!
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