Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rules and regulations

"Mommy, there are TOO MANY RULES in this house!"

"Mommy, nothing in that sentence you just said was FAIR!"

"Mommy, I can't handle these rules. Can't we get rid of just ONE?"

~ Most people would say I'm a fairly lax (lazy?) mom. I let them do a lot of stuff, as long as MY agenda is fulfilled. I don't take the crappy attitude, but we do let them discuss what's going on. HOWEVER, my word is law.

That said, Justin is having a hard time adjusting to the new "school days rules." The rules are, and I quote:

Homework is first. End of story. You can come home, eat a snack and then get the work done.

Piano practice is also first (meaning, interchangeable with homework. See? I give choices!)

These two are non-negotiable. THEN, and only then, can he play the friggin' Xbox. THEN and only then, can we watch tv.

Realistically, this shouldn't take more than half an hour. The homework may become more time-consuming eventually, but now, it's about 10 minutes a day. I mean, COME ON KID. 10 minutes is nothin.

Other rules that he has a mega-problem with... Bedtime!

Rules: Upstairs, getting pj's on, teeth done, and book picked out by 7:30. Sounds early, eh? Well, my dilly-dalliers have made this rule important as it can take an hour to get it all done. Add a husband who has to go to bed at 8:30 (3:30 wake-up) and a baby into the mix, and you can see the reason for the early curfew.

Well, Justin had a million reasons to not go to bed tonight.

"I'm STARVING!! I didn't eat enough dinner! That's not FAIR. How can you make me starve? Why aren't you answering me?!? Mommmmeeee!!!!"

"I can't sleep in my bed, I'm scared. I'm not tired enough. I'm blah blah blah...."

-- God help me. I love him. He's funny, smart (brilliant), and is becoming more and more caring each day (PLEASE let that quality develop!). But he's so demanding!

Don't even get me started on Evan. He's a whole different post...

Corinne, on the other hand, is in the "can do no wrong" stage of her life. Ahhhh... the baby days. Can't I just freeze time? I know what lies ahead, and it ain't pretty. 2 year olds are NOT terrible. No, it's the dreaded 3 year olds you have to be careful of. And 4, and 5 and now that I think of it, 6 and 7 can be rough, too...


I am trying to "better" myself. I am desperately practicing the piano pieces alongside Justin. I have to struggle to keep up with him, cuz he really is gifted and it's almost scary how easily it can come to him (Scholarship potential?? crossing fingers...) But it isn't too easy to practice while the baby is banging on the keys, racing after the cat, getting into the garbage... sigh... But, I am TRYING. And that's the key here. Getting myself a hobby. Relearning something I once loved.
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