Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mulch and spiders

What are the weird things your baby plays with?

Corinne has a few:

Mulch - who knew it could be so much fun to throw, kick and eat?

Sand - ditto.

Sit n Spin - doesn't every 10 month old stand up on a sit and spin and see how long they can "dance" before falling over?

Brothers - squealing, shrieking, running, tackling. So much for having a dainty princess.

Toothbrush - after seeing a special on a kid who had to have a toothbrush surgically removed from his throat, I watch her like a hawk, but it does entertain her for a few minutes while I'm on the computer and she's in my lap.

Power Rangers - Sigh. Again, so feminine. And so SAFE for a baby to play with too!

Wipes' boxes - what a great climbing toy! And the fun one can have after opening a box and flinging them around the room! And eating them! Yum. Plus, you can make nice clean smudges in a very dusty television set, of which Mommy really appreciates the help.

Side note: picture me trying to fall asleep on the couch last night (as little boys and husband were taking up the bed and I was NOT eager to be kicked in the head all night). Recently, I was folding laundry at night and a LARGE, no ENORMOUS black spider with creepy legs and evil eyes raced from under one couch to under the other.
I Screamed like a little girl and even managed to call Patrick from his almost slumber to come kill the beast while I stood on the first couch with a pair of unfolded boxers in my hand (just in case it attacked). After much searching and more mini-screams (mostly from me) the beast was ground into our carpet, and the laundry folding continued. (Blecch)

So. Now picture me trying to fall asleep on said couch last night with visions of Charlotte's cousins coming out with a vendetta against me. Crawling up my nose, in my ears, biting my neck... ewwwww.... I actually covered my head with the afghan (great defense - a blanket with holes just the right size of SPIDERS) and put my finger in my exposed ear. I feel so rested.
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