Wednesday, September 20, 2006


My lil punkin... She's almost 11 months old, but I just got all of the pictures developed from the last few months, so I thought I'd share her current musical montage I've done.

Now, let's just see how talented I REALLY am... Will it post properly?!?

Did I mention that I love Mr. tall Police officer dude who rescued me and the 2 youngest in the Wal-Mart parking lot yesterday? We were stranded outside of our van with all of our groceries and could SEE our keys taunting us from the ignition (How they got left there, I have no idea). And Mr. Police dude came to our rescue, even though, as the lady on the phone at the station told me, it isn't their duty to help us unless a child is locked INSIDE the car. Well. I was locked OUTSIDE the car with 2 kids and it was cold out! I guess that's not the same type of emergency, but I was WITHOUT A DIAPER BAG people!!! IT was in the van as well!! So, it could have very easily turned into an emergency. Anywho. He arrived and was able to quickly pop the door open for me.

I have GOT to get a locking box that is magnetic for a spare key. One time, I DID lock Evan in the car and he was strapped into his car seat and the police DID come and we couldn't even find the spare key and they wanted to shatter a window INTO my van that my child was inside of...

Yeah. I have a tendency to misplace my keys. Like in the front door overnight. My husband loves that one.

Well, I am sitting here, gorging myself on the Fannie May candies that Patrick bought me for our 9th anniversary (GAWD, love the FM candies. Have them airmailed to you if you've never tried them. They are the BEST creams. Especially the raspberry creams. HEAVEN.) So I am bound to gain at least 3 pounds BEFORE Christmas, but c'est la vie! Me no care.

Oh, and we celebrated with Giordano's deep dish, which I am told is also a Chicagoland specialty. (But I think it's spreading a bit further) Awesome pizza. Decent prices. And it was also where we had our first date (awwww) so it's fitting that we have it for special occasions. And convenient as there is a location near our house! :)

Speaking of pizza, anyone coming to Chicago, looking for delicious pizza, I recommend the Oven Grinder's pizza. And order their Mediterranean bread while you're at it.

I am so random tonight.
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