Saturday, September 16, 2006

Stinky shrooms

Okay, ew. Ick.

I spent an hour today digging up hundreds of little white spores. Tiny shrooms. Nasty disgusting bubbly white things that oozed green slime(that smelled to high heaven, I kid you not) if they were punctured and still moist or shot tiny fungus spores into the air if they were dead (and STILL smelled and I'm SURE will give me some strange respiratory disease) and ready to repopulate my backyard. GROSS. And stinky.


See what happens when it's super wet and rainy and then hot for several days and you don't take care of your lawn? Oh. And my front yard is covered in knee high thistle plants. Lovely. I am sure we are the treasure of the neighborhood.

Thank God Patrick is coming home tonight! I told him that after THIS week of going it alone, I deserve a new camcorder and a raise as a SAHM... Where IS that SAHM paycheck, anyway? He is spending 2 hours minimum outside tomorrow, cleaning this yard up.

Says I....
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