Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pics of my beloveds.

Just some miscellaneous shots from summer and what-not. I still have 9 freakin rolls of film to develop from this summer... Gotta scrounge up a chunk of change to develop THAT lot.

My boys. My BED. Me? The floor.
Yes. I am a drunken slob at my sister's wedding.
May 2002. Seriously, though? I am SO cool and HOT when I am drunk. Really. Ask anyone.

My backyard. They love making obstacle courses and forts.

A pic from the Milwaukee Zoo on our weekend adventure. In the background is a dinosaur topiary. They had a cool dino exhibit which was one of our main reasons for going as Evan is a dino FREAK.

Well, there you have it. Still trying my best (well, almost my best) at appreciating life to its fullest. I DID step back several times today and almost smacked myself for not following my promise to let the small crap go. So, it's obviously a work in progress. But I'm trying.

Evan had his pre-k orientation today! It went well. He was nervous for a full 20 seconds till he saw the balance beam, hopscotch mat, and the dinosaurs. Zoom! He was out of my reach just like that! I DO have to make some stops tomorrow as (apparently) the whole lead screening thing is more complicated than just me saying that we're not in a risk factor zone. Blah blah blah. And I need to go to the cty health dept to get a copy of his immunizations... I'm pretty sure he's up to date, but now that I think about it... I wonder... Wouldn't THAT just be a lovely surprise? Here dear, I didn't realize you needed SHOTS.
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