Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Ever have one of those moments that you just want to slap yourself for being so petty and for not hugging your family enough and appreciating life while it's here? I was reading Jonathon's Closet tonight and I am here to say that I will hug my family more. I will NOT fret over the petty stuff. I will try my hardest to get over the minor inconveniences of life and appreciate the fragile beauty of it, while it's still here.

Have I mentioned that my daughter has the most beautiful smile in the world?

Have I mentioned that my middle son is scared about preschool and will probably squeeze my hand into pieces tomorrow, with his big brown eyes wide?

Have I mentioned that my oldest son is almost as tall as me, and is snuggled up next to my husband upstairs?

Have I mentioned that I love my husband, more than ever? That we will be married for 9 years in a few weeks? That he will be travelling for a week soon, and I will be momentarily lost without him? That I will compulsively save any voice messages he leaves for us until he gets back "just in case" as I always do? That I get a catch in my throat anytime he leaves us, for fear of the "what if?"

Have I commented on the joy I felt today? I hugged my son for an entire episode of Max and Ruby. And he let me! Cuz he's 4 and thinks I'm cool. And I am reading my daughter books every night now and she's loving it! And so am I. And Justin tried so hard on the piano today: trying to perfect his 3 songs he's working on. Racing through them, faster and faster and getting so upset over the mistakes but continuing to try again. And again.

I will be adding this father and husband to my daily thoughts... I think of 2 little babies already, every day. 2 little boys that sadly, passed on in their early days. I hold my children closer every day because of them. They DID make a difference in the world, even if only to make some other children's parents treasure them more.

My ramblings... I am not rereading this (as usual). I wonder how it will read in the morning?
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