Thursday, September 07, 2006

Heart stopping, mind numbing fear.

Yeah. Had a dose of that today.

Note to self: When putting the laundry away in Corinne's room with her and Evan in the room with you, do NOT turn your back and talk on the phone.

Cuz your 4 year old might decide to go to his room and get something without closing the door.

And in that split second that your back is to the door, your precious baby girl will follow her brother and make a beeline to the stairs.

Which she will proceed to nose dive down to the landing.

Which will cause you to scream an inhuman shriek of complete fear and panic.

And the next time she falls, she might not get up and walk and laugh after a quick cuddle.

She's fine. I'm recovering slowly as I frantically look for that expensive baby gate that I haven't actually purchased yet but will be doing so tonight.

Nothing like a brush with death to get the ole adrenaline pumping, eh?
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