Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Treasure Tuesday

Ok, since I am still not able to link properly, (#@$%) You'll just have to figure out yourself how to get to Overwhelmed's site for Treasure Tuesday.

Mine is this piano. My great aunt gave it to us when she had to move into a condo and we are so thrilled to have it in our home! Justin started taking lessons and within the first few lessons, his teacher called us and said she didn't know what to do with him! She said she has never, in 14 years of teaching, ever had a student progress as quickly and just "get it" the way Justin does! What do you say to that?!? Um, thanks? Justin has continued progressing and is almost out of his third set of books in under 10 months.

I'm also thankful for it as I have been trying my hardest to practice piano, too! I took lessons for a few years as a child. It has some of the same qualities as bike riding: once you learn, you don't ever really forget. I may not be as fast or good as I once was, but I'm remembering and I HAVE to remember if I am ever going to keep up with Mr. Speedy music man!
So, thank you to my Aunt Joyce for her gift of music to my family...

Oh, and behind the piano is where I write all of these brilliant posts- in case you wanted to know.
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