Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Breathe... breathe...

Just had a heart stopping moment over here.

The baby was playing and started making that "ack ack" noise of choking. I normally don't freak out, but choking is a big fear of mine (and drowning). I rushed over, did the mouth sweep and found a bit of cereal she'd found, already partially softened. No biggie.

Set her down, wiped my forehead and continued on the phone with my sister.

Heard the "ack ack" again accompanied by a look of panic on her face.

Rushed over again, looked inside, saw nothing. She continued to gag. I knew, that as long as she could breathe, she was still good, but that something was in her mouth or throat. I finally saw a bit of white plastic poking at the edge of her mouth's roof.

After much scratching up of my sweet baby's mouth with my fingernails, I pulled a flat piece of plastic out that was definitely deadly to a little one.

I am now cleaning my house.

I know that the plastic was from either a toy of the big boys or something that the cats have chewed on and dropped off. I know it was probably just under the couch and I couldn't see it. I know that it wasn't really my fault, but I know that I would have never forgiven myself if she had suffocated.

My eyes are all wet. My throat is all choked up. I am listening to her cry in her exersaucer, safe from all things dangerous. Can't I just keep her there forever?

I am taking this as my "warning" from God to keep on top of things. So I am off to search for tiny bits of miscellaneous crap.
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