Monday, July 10, 2006

2 posts in 1 night!! The kids DID go to sleep after all!!

Ok. So I recently got 8 rolls of film developed with discs. So, anyone that doesn't want to see my brag pics of my BEEEUtiful children, move along.

Still here? Good. Cuz my kids are cute. No bias.

Totally random shots from past few months.

I just like how Corinne's pacifier is crooked here... Notice all of the DT toys in back/foreground Michelle? :) And in pic #2, Justin has just lost his first top tooth, the mulch has been in the bags in our front yard for at least a month, there is my "big red van" I may have mentioned in the past, and at the end of the driveway is the mud pit that Evan likes to jump in. At least you can't see the thigh high thistle plants in this shot... (They are currently dead after we sprayed them with lethal doses of weed killer that has also killed our grass).

At left... Evan dancing around the fire chanting his pyro song (Fire, FIRE, fire, YAY!) in the rain during our wet and wild camping trip (run on sentence? I think not.).
And if that link above works, it may just be the first time ever!! Crossing all fingers, toes and legs here...

Below... Where exactly am I supposed to sleep in this mess of manhood?

Here we are at Justin's ceremony where he goes from Tiger to Wolf Scout. He loves Boy Scouts. Can you see the baby under the old hat? And here's a shot from this spring at my aunt-in-law's house. It was a beautiful day and Corinne just loves her sling! Yes, we use it a lot and YES I'd recommend it to anyone! It's wonderful to have my hands free to wrangle the heathens, I mean BOYS!!

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