Sunday, July 02, 2006

Squish, giggle, squish, giggle, ewww....

Yeah. I'm sure you can just guess what I'm typing about.

Poopy diaper.

Baby that "crawls" on butt and scoots.

Not a good combination.

Especially since I was unloading my van with dh after our weekend trip to Milwaukee (fun. more later) and didn't get to notice the poop trail across the carpet until too late. Again - Ewwww...I type this while listening to the fireworks going off in my neighborhood and hoping that our house doesn't catch on fire. Mind you - I live in Illinois where it's ILLEGAL to light fireworks. Hmmm... Wonder where they all came from? WISCONSIN. (I'll admit that Patrick picked up some as well on our way home.)

But I'm not joking here! The house has literally shaken a few times from the "boomers"!! Crazy!

Ok. I'm off again to settle the kids down cuz it's so freakin loud! Hope the baby doesn't wake up.
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