Thursday, July 06, 2006

My life is a zoo

We went to the zoo today. I find that my life bears some strange resemblences...

There seems to be constant shrieking of a monkey of about 3 feet tall at all times in my zoo.

The floor is covered in poop and food. (ok, not poop, but read the previous post)

The ONE THING you really wanted to see/do is on the other side of the zoo at about 2:30 when the sun is blazing and the kids are whining.

The kids only want to eat granola bars and ice cream.

But at least at the real zoo, the animals are in cages.


We had fun. We went with my sisters and our 6 children (collectively). Why is it that the more children you go with, the less animals you actually see? We spent most of our time looking at the animals in the children's zoo. Animals like guinea pigs, bunnies, and parakeets. And spraying the flowers with the spray bottles. Ummm... we could have gone to the pet shop and then our backyard to do that! Oh well. That's why I have a membership, right?

I was up late last night. Not writing on the blog. Not having incredible sex (although we did sneak in some this morning before work! Woo hoo!!). But I was putting 8 rolls of film into my photo album. 8 ROLLS. I have some lovely pictures to post sometime soon, but not now. I am thoroughly exhausted, and thoroughly unmotivated to write a blog that is even remotely interesting. Sorry to disappoint my loyal followers (insert literal laughter here) but I must go wrangle the boys and I hear Corinne getting into the pots and pans. WHO taught this child to move?
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