Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In a nutshell

What a day...

Condensed version:

Evan and Corinne both had checkups. Much screaming and freaking out occurred. (Mind you, they don't even get their shots at the doctor!!)

Had to return 9 out of 10 library books. The missing dinosaur book has never been found, even though I scoured (and I mean SCOURED) the house and van. I even CLEANED the boys' room. Patrick almost passed out over that one. Anyway, $26 for the missing book, $12.50 in late fees (I didn't renew properly. dumb computer) and many many whines later, we walked out with 8 new books. Please pray that we don't lose another, cuz I can't afford it!

Had to go to the grocery store. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, considering it was our third errand, stiflingly hot out, and Corinne hadn't eaten or slept since her interrupted morning nap 3 hours earlier. I walked out much lighter in pocket, heavier in weight (she fell asleep in her sling) and verrrrry tired and hungry.

Unloaded car. TRIED to feed the baby. TRIED to get her to nap. None of which happened till 5:00!!! She is now sleeping. The boys are watching Daddy play video games. Piano practice has been accomplished by Justin. I have slightly greasy fingers from the hot wings Pat brought home (Yum).

And, the best news of all, I CLEANED THE REFRIGERATOR. Now, this may not sound like a major accomplishment to any Suzy Homemakers out there, but I am SO NOT a good housewife. My house is more often than not very unorganized and slightly messy. Well, the fridge hadn't been truly cleaned since before I got pregnant with Corinne. You do the math. Eewww...

As I was rocking Corinne for her nap at 5:00, She started to make the humming noise she makes when she's trying to stay awake. So I hum back and she hums more. It's cute. I tend to hum "Fly me to the Moon" mainly because I can only remember half of the words of one verse, but I like the song. I also tend to sing "Tura Lura (sp?)" and "Hushabye" (hush a bye, don't ye cry... go to sleepy little baby...").

What songs do you sing or hum to your little ones?
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