Friday, July 28, 2006

Guess who I met?!?

Flipflopmama!! Aren't ya'll jealous? She was in to visit her mom this week at a town near to mine, so we got together at a park and then lunch. Her kids are SO beautiful and sweet and I must say, I think Justin has a bit of a thing for SlowMotion... Her baby IS as cute as she says she is. She took some pics with a digital, but you'll have to wait till she can post again to see them.

Flipflop, I really had a good time! Thanks for meeting up with me, and I hope we can do again sometime.

Ahhh...air conditioning. What a wonderful invention. It is STIFLING outside. It is so hot that I am thinking it is TOO hot to go to the pool later on. Now, THAT is hot. Patrick is going to an overnight concert with my brother-in-law and some friends tonight. (i.e. listening to music and then drinking beer in an RV). So, I get the house to myself tonight. Wonder what I'll do? Either fall asleep early or stay up WAY too late reading and posting here. I'd really like to get a few pages on my scrapbooks, but I'm always so tired at night that I don't feel like it. I need to start doing the scrapbooking clinics again. It's easier for me. No interruptions. If I run out of something, it's right there, and I have a whole chunk of time to do nothing but scrapbook. No guilt over the dishes or whatever.


You know it's bad when you reach into the bag of diapers and it's EMPTY! Yikers. You can guess where I'll be heading after the princess wakes up!

Man. I have nothing else to say. Sorry. But that's just what's going on with me now.
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