Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Busy busy bees over here!

Justin had his mini-recital last night. He played so well! And he introduced each song he'd memorized (7 songs) and bowed and everything. He smiled the whole time, too. And giggled when his 1 year old cousin starting clapping and saying "Yay!!" at the beginnning of one piece (And didn't mess up!). We had tons of ice cream and toppings and root beer floats afterwards... YUM! (But I now have WAY too much leftovers! I had 2 sundaes today... sigh. Can I blame it on the baby weight 7 months after birth?!?).

Evan is still getting more and more difficult each day. Calling people names ("loser" is his favorite one now. Sweet, nu?), deliberately not listening, etc. Isn't 4 years old grand?

We hit the pool again today. Corinne still despises the floatie thing but loves it when I hold her. So, I guess we've found out the way our summer will be spent. And she loves it when her brothers splash her. Lucky for that!

I got the CUTEST pictures of them today. If I ever get my butt to develop them, I'll post some. The 3 of them were cuddling on the floor. I posed them the same way that my sisters and I posed as little girls. I hope it turns out so I can give my parents a picture to put next to the one of us!

We are camping this weekend with my sister. Cross your fingers that Corinne and my niece nap well!! And that the heat isn't horrible... Last year, we went 2 times (I was very pregnant and my sister had a little baby) and both times were the hottest weekends of the summer ~ 90-100 and HUMID. Gotta love Illinois!

Patrick took the boys back to the pool tonight when he got home while I stayed home as Corinne was napping. I was all excited to have free time, but got lonely. Sigh... nothing is ever perfect, is it? They had a blast though. He was trying to teach Evan to do the "Nestea plunge." Which is, apparently, where you fall backwards into the pool with arms outstretched. I guess Evan changed his mind and did it facing forwards and had his first belly flop!! Oops!

I'm off to browse through blogs tonight for a while. (I'm waiting for "Commander in Chief" to finish recording so I can fast forward through the commercials...) I love to blog hop. You never know what you'll find! Adios and good night!
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