Friday, June 09, 2006

Rain, rain go away!

Oh man... PLEASE pray for dry skies this weekend for us. The weather forecast is rain tonight, rain tomorrow with a side of thunder, and some rain (for a change) on Sunday. I am NOT suggesting to Patrick that we cancel. This is the only weekend we really have available for camping and the stuff's all packed in the van already and my sister and her friend are at the sites as we speak. I need to go find more raincoats and pants. I only packed 1 pair of pants each. USUALLY it's stiflingly hot for us when we camp. I guess we get to experience puddles this time! I was really hoping for just a nice, moderate first trip with all 3 kids!!! Ok. Enough whining. My headache is coming back and the coffee is about done brewing. I'm off to pack an extra bag of warmer (and extra!) clothes for us all.

I don't mind rain, or even thunderstorms, at night. Just not too much during the day, please!
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