Sunday, May 07, 2006

Today P is golfing. Blecch. I hate it when he golfs. He's gone so friggin long, and I get all 3 kids alllll day long. So, the weekend is just another workday for me. Anyway... I am (yet again) drinking reheated coffee and snacking on pistaschio nuts. The breakfast of champions! After watching an Oprah show the other day regarding health and what we eat etc. etc. I am starting to think I need to REALLY rethink our family's diet. I just need to figure out HOW to afford the extra money it would cost to buy so much fresh food so regularly!

I'm soooo ready for J's school year to be over. 19 more school days! I know that in a month or so I'll be pulling my hair out for him to be back to school, but I am just tired of the routine, the homework, the misc. bullshit. Thankfully, he's been doing sooo much better these past 2 months. He had a rough rough start in Kindergarten and the beginning of first grade: pushing, hitting, not listening. Not ALL the time, but if he got angry or bored, he'd do something so STUPID it'd make me question how smart he really was! He's a very very bright boy! I am wondering if he's bored with some of the work, but that doesn't excuse acting out like that. It's been more difficult to parent him than I ever imagined. He's so dang stubborn! And whoever taught kids how to whine? Are they naturally inclined? Is it inborn? Nothing cuts through my nerves faster than the high-pitched whine over stupid shit every day. And my reactions vary from day to day (main problem for stopping it, I know) but it's soooo hard to NOT react when they know just what buttons to push.


But today is actually looking good. We stayed out late last night at my sister's house, sitting around the firepit in their backyard. Had a GREAT time. The kids were all being so good, Evan even fell asleep on the cushioned love seat by the fire. We only got one ember to ignite our extremely flammable blanket (yikes!) and I managed to scare the crap out of my husband when he was walking around the fence line to bring back the wood by jumping out and growling! Gotta get your giggles any way you can!

Baby C is 6 months old! I can hardly believe it... It goes by incredibly fast. She's sitting up on her own now, but not showing any signs of crawling, THANK GOD. My house is such a death trap of Legos, toy cars, cords etc. I have GOT to get on babyproofing immediately! She's also FINALLY taking some baby food and a sippy cup (sort of). I have been exclusively nursing her and she refuses the bottle. Hence, Mommy doesn't get out for very long very often!

Well, I am off to do laundry (surprise surprise), reheat my coffee, and find some socks that match (or not) as my feet are FREEZING!
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