Monday, May 08, 2006


Today was a good day. Got to go to a playgroup with a mom's group. Had some slightly dull but none-the-less cheerful conversation with other moms that are grasping for friends (as am I). Found a bunch of ants crawling on the floor by the fish tank. Ewwww.... Sprayed everywhere I could find a crawler and am now paranoid that the baby will suddenly learn how to crawl overnight and will get to the sprayed areas before I can wash the spray off, thereby ingesting the chemicals and officially making me a "bad mom." Had a lovely walk home from school with J and E while carrying the baby and listening to J and a neighbor boy talk. The conversation went something like this:

Do you like the Splash Mountain ride at Disney World too? DUDE! So sweet!

Yeah, YEAH! Me too! And did you know that the ride at Six Flags is, like, 183 or 200 or 1000 feet tall?


Yeah, sweet!

Snort. They crack me up. Later, Pat actually got home EARLY (shocker!!) and I was able to sit in on J's piano lesson. He's soooo good at it. It's amazing to me that he's been playing for less than a year... Got home and found Pat and the neighbor kids, along with E, in a riveting game of dodgeball (thankfully, no one got seriously hurt as the balls were FLYING FAST!). As I walked into the house, I hear the baby SCREAMING upstairs! I rushed up and she was just hysterical, sobbing and shaking. I was FURIOUS. He didn't have the friggin monitor turned up and was so involved in dodgeball that she was crying for only God knows how long!! Poor princess! At least dh was truly apologetic and upset... and then went on to hurl the balls at the kids again.

So, tomorrow will find me vacuuming little ant corpses, doing laundry, and drinking reheated coffee. Hopefully, I will fit in a few games of Uno, color a few Star Wars guys, read a few books, and snuggle with my family.

Strange but true fact to end this on: my shirt smells slightly like baby spit up, and it is actually something I LIKE.
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