Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Things that made me laugh (and cry or count to ten) today.

Evan's running commentary on the way home from dropping Justin at school:

Hey Mommy? Remember when I was a little kid(um, yeah) and I took naps?

Hey Mommy? I am super tired(wipes brow. I kid you not). We should have drived to school.

Hey Mommy? I wanna stop at the rocky park. I wannna! I wannna!!

Hey Mommy? Is Joey home yet? (neighbor boy in second grade. Um, not home yet).

Tonight was FUN. (dripping sarcasm) Justin was having one of his "moods" where he sits at the kitchen table crying hysterically for an hour because he doesn't want to eat his dinner. Sigh. He is the kind of kid that is so determined that he WILL cry for the full 3 hours till bedtime, go to bed hungry, and still cry for another hour or so until he passes out from sheer exhaustion. RINSE AND REPEAT as he is 7 years old and still thinks that a fit will get him his own way! NOT! He did manage to eat half of the piece of fish and half of the rice (all that we required) and made it with a full ONE MINUTE to spare before the 6:30 cut-off of us not taking him to Wal-Mart to get the bike he wanted to get with birthday money (since his old one is destroyed). So, off they go (ahhhh... quiet for a while) and come home with the more expensive bike (I saw the sale ones. Looked fine to me, but whatever). He gets his helmet on, Daddy helps him up and down the sidewalk twice, and he decides he's done for the night. VERY TYPICAL stuff around here. I did manage to take a pic, so I'll post it when I get the film developed. Hopefully, he'll be braver tomorrow. We are NOT putting the training wheels on. He will just have to deal and learn.
Corinne went to sleep without being swaddled tonight!! She has had to be wrapped (tied up, I lovingly call it) tightly every night since birth to get her to fall asleep. Well, tonight she was so beat, that I just let her fall asleep lying on my lap while watching "Gone with the Wind" on TCM. I was just positive she'd wake up doing the transfer to her crib, but NO! She stayed asleep!! Halleleujah!!
12 school days left! I am so ready for summer break. Bedtimes can be lax, schedules can come to a screeching halt, and we can just BE for a while. I was feeling bad for not signing the boys up for a sport this summer, but I kept forgetting. But you know what? I am soooo thrilled to not have to sit at any sports in the summer! We can do a sport when it's cooler out, because I hate being in the sun and heat and not being in the water! We will be at the pool every day. I will sign them up for lessons. Justin has Cub Scout camp for a week. We'll be in Wisconsin Dells for a week. We plan on camping a few times. We WILL be busy, so I am glad that I didn't add to the schedule. YAY!! 3 weeks!!
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