Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ten "D" things

Well, Miss Cheerios gave me the letter "D" for a quick list of ten d things about ME! So, I'll update you all on the excitement of the garage sale, day 2, later. Again, don't pass out from the anticipation.

D - daughter. I'm DEFINITELY my mother's daughter. I'm even starting to look reaaallly similar to her. My hands have always looked like her, but my face is thinning and I've noticed that I tend to dance alarmingly like her... Hmmm... I always thought I looked cool, and used to make fun of poor Mom. Seems the joke's on me!

D - Dago (Is that how you spell it?) I am only half Italian (my mom, again) but it's the heritage that has been most prominent in my upbringing. I love all things Italian (except olives... Not so crazy bout those. And that whole Roman empire thing didn't sound too friendly). I would LOVE to visit Italy someday. I could go knocking on some poor, unsusupecting distant relative's door...

D - Drama queen - Well, not too much. But I did truly love being in the theater in high school and college. That would truly have to be my one regret in life, that I didn't continue acting. I do still judge for high school speech meets, but it's not the same as being the one FEELING The part.

D - Dunkin Donuts - love 'em. Krispy Kremes make me feel pukey.

D - Devoted - I am really devoted to my husband, children and family. I do NOT want to move away from this area EVER. I enjoy and cherish the fact that my children are FRIENDS with their cousins. I never had that with mine.

D - Dancer - Ok. I'm not professional. But I LOVE dancing. Even though, as I mentioned, I apparently dance like a 50 year old grandma. But I love the freedom and don't care who's watching me. I wish I knew some more people having weddings. Those are the best places to dance at.

D - dirty - I like getting dirty. And I don't mind if my kids or house get that way, either. Don't particularly like them TOO dirty, but their feet are filthy right now, and guess what? They're going to bed that way! Gasp!

D - drug-free. Well, not all my life (ahem) but I mean I verrrrrry rarely take over the counter or prescription drugs. And I can't swallow pills (phobia) so I only take liquid form medications when I DO break down from pain and go to the drugstore. I had liquid Tylenol after each birth and a surgery. (I found out that Morphine and me do NOT mix well. Nor does Stadol-sp?- for "dulling the pain" during birth. snort.)

D - droopy - (Not my boobs. Well, actually...) I just feel, you know, droopy sometimes. I haven't wanted to dedicate my brain to anything more complicated than first grade homework since the baby was born. I know it'll change soon, but I'm not pushing myself and have been quite lazy lately.

D - delicate as a flower. Bwaaahaaa haaa!!!! If you haven't noticed, I'm a pretty tough spitfire when I want to be (picture short and small brunette). But I DO feel quite passionate about things and can get really sensitive and emotional.

Man, those were tough! I want to tag somebody else! But I don't have quite the long list of people yet. NOR CAN I FIGURE OUT THIS LINK THINGY!!!! I'm still trying....

Now, I'm off to get everyone ready for lunch at Great grandma's tomorrow and then my mom and I are going to see "The Da Vinci Code" tomorrow ALL BY OURSELVES.
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