Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Yay me! I love days when I feel like I truly truly accomplished a lot! Vacuumed a bunch of dead ants, cleaned out the front hall closet (I have NO IDEA how we had fit so much crap into such a small closet), colored a picture of a rainbow with a pot of gold while Evan did a picture of an ant getting eaten by a scorpion (he had just watched "Honey I Shrunk the Kids"), and I have done buttloads of laundry. I also managed to WATER my flowers, but I think it's going to rain soon, so that was a waste of energy. Can you tell I'm not big on chores around the house?

I'll give you ONE GUESS what I'm drinking... Have you been paying attention? Has anyone even been READING THIS?!? :)

I got a comment! Woo hoo!! Thanks, Michelle. It's nice to hear from another mommy. Your baby is beeeeautiful!

I've decided that this whole J, E, C, P crap is for the birds. My family is me, (Tracey) my husband, Patrick, and my kids- Justin-7, Evan-4, and Corinne-6 months. There. I'm out. I'll be sure to not use anything too horribly incriminating! :)

My coffee's cold. Back in a sec.

Aaahhh.. Nice and hot.

Evan's watching Spongebob while Corinne sleeps upstairs. Peace... peace....

Tonight I'm taking Evan on Mommy/son date to see Curious George at the dollar theater. He said he'd only go with me if I bought him candy! WTF?!? Am I a bad date? I have to PAY my kids in candy to hang with me? Sigh... Maybe he's trying to tell me I need a shower? (sniffing myself) not TOO bad.

I have to sew a bunch of badges on Justin's Cub Scout vest this week as he has a ceremony on Friday to become a Wolf scout (I think). I HATE sewing those things on! I think I need a thimble or something cuz it kills my fingers!

Also, I'm trying to find a good baby life vest for a 6 month old. It needs to be a life VEST so she won't sink like a load of bricks if I have to grab for Evan in the pool this summer. Anyone know anything about the Stearn's brand of vests?

That is all. I could write about nothing for hours and hours, but really, what would be the point?

Strange but true fact of the day: No matter how hard you scrub a little boy, there will always be a few dirty spots. (proven last night after bathtime).
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