Saturday, May 13, 2006

Precious moments...

Precious moments happen everyday in my life. But I can't stop to relish them all. I try, Lord knows I try, but they just tend to slip away into that vast collection of memories that are just mushed together into a feeling. A feeling of a time in my life that I had small children. Well, I try to write things down as much as possible. I have journals for all 3, and I will try to maintain this blog and print it for them all later on. But there's just too much!!

Like the expression on Corinne's face tonight as her brothers made her crack up by saying "baby taco!" (I have to wrap her up tightly before going to bed... it's her only comfort issue).

Like the way Evan has been putting his fingers in his ears when I'm telling him what he did was naughty. - He'll do it once. I tell him to take them out, and he'll slowwwwlllly put them back in again. Then he'll slowly put his fingers just NEXT to his ear holes so that he's not ACTUALLY doing it anymore. sigh...

Like Justin demonstrating the African, Japanese, and Irish dances he learned in school recently. His sense of incredible rhythm on the piano does NOT transfer well to dancing!!

The mundane, everyday stuff gets lost over time. Fixing breakfast every day. Walking to school. Playing blocks. Reading books. Tucking into bed. Don't get me wrong. Some of these everyday things stick out from when Justin was a baby, still. But not as many as I wish. I had forgotten that he used to sleep with a little board book for the longest time. Or that he used to have to put pennies in his piggy bank every night. Or that he would wake up every morning and naptime singing baby songs! Just singing!

Try as I might, my desperate scramble to retain every single memory is futile. I hope that I remember this very moment (the smell of cinnamon toast, the sound of a baby squealing at 100 decibels), but I'm pretty sure it will just fade into a collective memory of this period of time...
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