Saturday, May 13, 2006


Hmmph. Remember my "snuggle" in bed I was supposed to have last night? Try getting a 4 year old that has SERIOUS sleep issues involving kicking, punching, and elevating a foot over the bed and flopping down on anyone in the way. Justin, unfortunately, was bearing the brunt of the beating as I was shielding Corinne on the other side of the bed, because, apparently, last night was party night and everyone needed to be in MY bed! She woke up at 1 am. The baby that NEVER wakes up in the middle of the night. SCREECHING! Poor thing! Scared the crap out of me! Just needed to eat, or her teeth may be coming in, or she has an earache, or WHO KNOWS. So. So much for sweet snuggle time.

BUT! I am here, typing, at 3 in the afternoon while baby sleeps and dh and the kids are getting the van detailed!!! I hope the poor man at the detail shop doesn't go into shock when he sees how disgusting the floor and seats are... Ah well. At least I'M not the one who has to be embarrassed!!

Ugh. He just called and is LOST trying to find the detail shop. He had BETTER NOT come back with it unfinished!! I will lock the doors!!

I was watching an Oprah today from a few days ago (dvr). It was about a bunch of sad women. But that's beside the point. The point I got out of it was that my kids are being molded by everything I do and don't do. I know that this should have been a totally obvious realization, but I seem to have misplaced that knowledge somewhere in the last 7 years and have turned into the yelling, short-tempered, not so friendly mom I swore I would never be. I'm not saying I'm awful. I'm NOT. But I'm not as nice as I should be. I'm not as patient as they deserve. I'm not as good of a mom as I KNOW I can be! So, this Mother's Day, I think I will set a goal for myself. A goal to practice patient love. A goal to be the GROWN UP and not yell when they yell. (duh, right?) A goal to play more games and read more books. And to talk TO them more. Not AT them.

So. Quite a lofty goal for me. I've got a lot of work. Wish me the best...

Strange, but true: We are the hardest on those we love the most.
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