Friday, May 19, 2006

Just another day!

Well, today went well! I managed to get Justin up and at 'em early enough to get the garage sale set up. I had forgotten that people tend to come BEFORE the sale officially opens and as you're frantically trying to pull things out of your garage and get the kids dressed and ready for a zoo field trip and keep the baby out of the laundry (failed that one. Poor thing had socks and a sheet on her head). I didn't make too much money today ($30. whoop dee doo) but I also sold $16 of my sister's crap. So, not a terrible amount of stuff sold. But if I had been willing to part with Patrick's fishing poles and tools, well. THAT would have made me a bundle! I'm hoping that a few of my bigger items will sell tomorrow. I don't want it back in my house!!! Any of the stuffed animals or small toys that don't sell will be donated to the women's shelter. I just want to be less cluttered!

I am currently feeling not-so great. Icky icky tummy. I'll spare you the details as I'm sure you can imagine what I'd rather not discuss. Fun. I'm thinking it's the shrimp that my DARLING husband fed to me that I had to spit out as it tasted verrrry fishy. So, I called him at band practice (he and a few friends having fun) and asked for him to come home early... I was REALLY Feeling crummy, but he didn't realize how bad I felt. I'm now wishing I had explained a little better!

I was on Miss Cheerio's blog and saw that my name is on her list of reads!! How awesome! My first!! But I now feel a terrible responsibility to provide entertainment worthy of a daily check-in!!!!! But it's really a cool feeling. Like being asked to join a club in school or somethin. I'm so cool! Also, I'm STILL trying to figure out that whole link thing. I did EXACTLY what 2 ladies suggested, and it STILL doesn't show on my links! Grrrr..... Plus, how do I show a person's link while typing IN the blog? Hmmm... another high-tech thing I have to figure out when I have more than a few spare moments.

Spongebob is on in the background and I have "Bend it Like Beckham" paused on my dvr upstairs. I think I'll post just a few random facts about myself and call it a night.

- I hate cleaning. My house is in a constant state of "piles." Piles of things to sort through, laundry to fold, laundry to put away, dishes to wash, dishes to put away... you get the idea. I am constantly playing catch up.

- I have 2 cats. (And I'm waiting for them to die) No, not really. But I have, quite possibly, the 2 WORST cats in the world. They tend to pee on piles of laundry that is either clean, dirty, folded or whatever. They tend to chew on anything plastic that may make them puke in piles of laundry. They have a wonderful habit of sleeping on said laundry piles and embedding hair into a favorite shirt. But, they're almost 10 years old and, seriously, I think I can survive it another 5 years or so... (I used to loooove pets pre-kids.)

- I love taking pictures and keeping journals. Which is why this whole blog thing is seeming like a great outlet for me. I can jabber on and on as much as I want and I may even make a friend or two while doing it! I have many many picture albums that I put the first set of pictures into the second I get home and scrapbooks for each child that I use the doubles for. I'm a little behind on the scrapbooks, but I'm working on it.

- I love to read. Anything I can get, but I haven't had much time lately.

I'm starting to think I'm pretty boring as those random bits aren't that exciting and I had to reach deep within myself to find even those few!! I'll have to think more on this...
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