Monday, November 26, 2012


 When we were looking for a puppy last year, Justin was NOT on board. As in, not AT ALL. Many negotiations had to take place to be sure that he wouldn't have an out and out rebellion at the thought of having a puppy in the house. (And for anyone who says that the kids shouldn't have that much say in whether or not we adopt a puppy, well, be quiet. This is my family; not yours.)

One of those negotiations was that he would be able to adopt a kitten when the dog had matured enough and settled into the family's lifestyle. About 2 months ago, Paula announced on Facebook that her newly adopted cat, Ginger, was giving birth to kittens (surprise!). And it was like the heavens had aligned because we were able to bring home one of her babies just 8 weeks later!

Justin named her Claire and she is just as sweet as her name. Our dog, Penny, is REALLY ANXIOUS to "play" with her so we have been keeping her in the boys' room to sleep and during the day when we cannot be watching her every single minute. Plus, the idea of losing a kitten in all of the nooks and crannies of our house (with Christmas decorations!) makes me shudder...

We had just been playing with her and Penny downstairs for a long time. I told the kids to bring Claire back upstairs so that she could rest and so that we could get our school done. Lo and behold, the most pitiful, mournful meows were to be heard from their room! I went upstairs and she literally launched herself onto my shirt and purred and meowed and just broke my heart. I told Corinne to bring her schoolwork upstairs so that we could give her the attention she needed...
 And Claire passed out.
Do you know how hard it is to do math with that little face right in front of you??

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