Monday, November 12, 2012

Listen To Your Mother: Growing and Growing!

In case you haven't heard....

24 CITIES! I am so proud of everyone that is involved with Listen To Your Mother - The writers, producers, sponsors, and Ann Imig who has watched her one city show blossom into a national event. One day, LTYM  will be a name that doesn't need to be explained. One day SOON, the entire continent will recognize and adore these shows as much as I do. I hope that this year is the year that you fall in love with it!

Mark your calendars because the Chicago show IS COMING BACK! If you have a story to tell about motherhood, start putting that pen to paper or keyboard to work and write it DOWN because anyone can audition and anyone can be chosen.

 Melisa and I are stoked to be a part of another meaningful year and look forward to working with a charity and another cast. We hope to see you at the show: either in the audience, or on the stage!
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