Thursday, November 29, 2012

Before It Changes Again...

"Mama, Look! Ooh Ooh! Look at this! Over here - LOOK at this piece of jade! And these coins are from... 330 BC!! Oh - Wait- LOOK at this! The dinosaur is eating the other one. THAT is SO GROSS! And so... COOL!!"

And on.

And on.

Followed up by brief glimpses of my teenager* (sob) wandering ahead of us with his friend as we meandered through the Field Museum with Steph and her boys on a homeschooling field trip...

Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am to be honored with the privilege of homeschooling my children? Because I am. I feel as though we are really, truly comfortable with the routine and rhythm that this lifestyle allows. Naturally, this graceful rhythm is preceding and enormous adjustment as my eldest is determined to attend Public high school next fall... bringing about alarm clocks and homework and headaches and heartache...

Sigh... Change; it's the only constant in Life, isn't it?

And so, it's on and on and change and change and I adjust and settle again and again, only to be disrupted and adjusted once more...

Still. For right now, at this VERY moment? I am content with the status quo. I am comfortable and will shout to the world that I am GRATEFUL and acknowledge that this stage is temporary.

So I intend on soaking up every blessed second of it.

*BABY. He's my BABY. No matter how hairy his legs may be.
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