Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just Like That

And just like THAT, my perspective is altered.

Just like that, when I'm walking my dog

at night


Just like that, when the carload of men drives past,

the SUV slowing

the men leaning out the window

their voices loud and commanding,

their intent a little above a general cat call.

When they turn around

and pass again,

and slow down,

and the calls become more suggestive...

Just like that, I forgot to be depressed.

I forgot to be woeful.

I only focused on the speed of my feet

the beating of my heart

the fear I could taste

as I frantically put more space between myself and them,

and less space between myself and home...

And now I will always remember to bring something sharp and pointy on my night-time walks. The leering and creepy men of the world will not deter me from enjoying the evening air; but they sure did remind me of my vulnerability when I am alone.

But just like that, I remembered to recognize the value of each day, and how I can't let another one mindlessly float away...

That there are vastly more important issues to focus on besides the lack of hormones in my brain...
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