Tuesday, June 05, 2012

This is the stuff I want to remember

My daughter had a sleepover with the two neighbor girls last night.

They played Minecraft downstairs while I cautiously slathered my sunburned legs with vinegar and aloe up in my bedroom.

They giggled and squealed and stampeded around the house for a bit until Patrick had to lay down the law of "Watch a movie and go to sleep NOW." Within 15 minutes, it was absolutely silent downstairs. That's what happens when you're under 10 and have spent the day at the pool.

This morning, I snuck out the door around 6:30 to take the dog for a long morning walk. I wasn't feeling as horrible as I would have without the advice from the internets (thanks for the vinegar/water remedy, guys! It helped my sunburn SO much). Unfortunately, I hadn't put much treatment on my very, very upper thighs and those two spots are still quite throbbish this morning. Still, a long walk in early morning shade was lovely (until I overstretched a muscle and had to gimp back home; I am old) and I am so grateful for the kids' more advanced ages that allow me the freedom to just go for a walk without worrying that they'll burn the house down.

I returned home to 3 sleeping girls. I brewed some coffee and called Patrick to thank him for picking up the fresh grounds when he got me the aloe last night. I was bummed that he couldn't enjoy a cup outside in the morning sunshine with me. You can imagine my surprise when he pulled into the driveway about 10 minutes later.

"I couldn't pass up an invitation like a cup of Brazilian blend on the patio with you."

I love that man.

After a cup in the sun and breeze, he headed back to work and I headed into the house. I was met by the girls and Evan all smiling sweetly at me:

"Can you make us pancakes? Pleeeease???"

Because I am a saintly person, I made them an enormous batch of pancakes on the griddle. They entertained me with their conversations of what going to a spa would be like ("You have to be NAKED!!"), who is cute on a Disney show and who is NOT, and several encores of the Sesame Street version of "I'm Sexy and I Know It".

They're so young, still! Though it feels like they're far removed from the baby days, it was really only yesterday that I was pushing a stroller while chasing a toddler and preschooler. At 13, 10, and 6 my family is moving forward quickly and I just want to remember THESE days with as much nostalgia as I have for the years that have already passed by...
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