Sunday, June 03, 2012

Food Swap!

 I had never heard of a food swap before I talked to Vanessa. I bring food and trade it? How again? I didn't understand it very well, but she sounded so upbeat and happy about it that I signed on to be a part of it. As the day drew nearer, I began to get nervous. What should I bring? Would anyone want my food? Would I be crunchy enough to fit in with a bunch of foodies?!?

The drama was intense.

After a slight mishap with our lovely new fridge's temperature settings during which the fresh salsa I made on Saturday froze overnight and wasn't fit to be served on Sunday (oops. My fault. My bad.), I whipped together a fresh batch of salsa on Sunday morning. I even roasted the jalepenos and garlic ONCE AGAIN even though it made my fingers burn the first time. And then, just for kicks, I made a batch of apple/raisin/walnut muffins. I felt very domestic.

At the swap, I cautiously presented my meager fare in plastic containers and generic ziploc baggies and hoped for the best.
 Awwww... Would somebody PLEASE take pity on my salsa and muffins and make an offer?
Thankfully, friendly faces helped allay my fears and I firmly set my sights on some yummy, spicy chutneys (what IS chutney, anyway?) and baked goods.
 Emily Paster co-organized the food swap and brought, get this: Rose Petal Syrup. I really wanted a taste but it was all bottled up. I wonder what rose petals taste like?
 Awwww... Melisa! I've missed her. We should do a LTYM every other month, Girl. What say you?
 Finally, all of the food was swapped. I managed to unload every item I brought and I walked out of the Savory Spice shop in Hinsdale with my favorite item of all: Chutney relish! OMGOMGOMG it was SO GOOD! I think I would have given her twice the amount of muffins or salsa that she took in trade, but was thrilled to just walk out with a jar! I may have to hide it from my husband...
Look at my loot! All of these unique food items (chutneys, tortillas, muffins, pie, etc.) for just making a batch of salsa and muffins. I am totally sold on this whole "swap" thing.

I am SO going to the next food swap in August. I think my tomatoes will be ripe and ready by then and I will bring a big ole batch of fresh pasta sauce...

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