Thursday, January 19, 2012

When All Else Fails? Puppies!

The Cure For Every Blogger's Writer's Block? Puppies!
Lots and lots of gratuitous (is that redundant?) puppy pictures!
A girl who knows how to take over a household in only a week!
Formerly known as "The Gamer's Chair." Currently known as "Penny's Territory."
Making Friends. Establishing boundaries. Realizing our dog is so freaking small that she can fit between the railings of our fence. Wondering how much rabbit fencing costs...
Ever try to take pictures of a puppy on her first experience in snow? A lot of the shots will look like this...
But it was worth nearly dropping my expensive camera in the snow to get this one shot.

And there you have it. When we breeders stop breeding, we adopt puppies, and the dogs begin to rule our blogs. You will notice one of my children in 2 of the pictures. I feel that this qualifies as ample photographic evidence that this remains a "Mommy" Blog.

*We have announced our charity of choice over at Listen To Your Mother Chicago!
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